Best Dressed: The Top Rule Breakers of 2009

Best Dressed: The Top Rule Breakers of 2009

Of the many variations of best dressed models listed in Modelinia; I loved the Rule Breakers. This group closely depicts my personal style and keeps it rockin'. Thanks Modelinia for such a well edited tribute to this past years style makers. A great way to end 2009.


And they call this fat

She's called fat on a regular basis.
Lara Stone is a size 4/6 u.s.
I will be the first to admit, I love gamine look. But then I've also always loved the look of Stephanie Seymour. It's not so much about the size but how the woman wears it. To think that there is one particular code of beauty, especially as our world grows more globally connected is ridiculous. That's the beauty of beauty; it evolves, and our eye is constantly readjusting to a new form.


Fav site

SHOWstudio is an online fashion and art project that documents the creative process of the interactive and motion image projects it broadcasts via its ...

Make sure you bookmark this incredible site.

An Homage

Net a Porter has created a terrific little homage film to the LBD......counting down the 10 most iconic LBD looks of all time. I thoroughly enjoyed it; beautifully curated. It's a great way to spend a few minutes. It makes you want to get dressed. Although I have had a few LBD moments, I don't think I've had 'the night with the dress' so until that time.....


History of Models: Supermodels Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, & Kate Moss

History of Models: Supermodels Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, & Kate Moss

A great short video on the sup's. Their rise and fall follwed by the take over of Kate.

Coco Rocha Video

Coco Rocha

Loved this video featuring Coco. Oh, to live in her shoes.......

Model Kate Moss' Seven Days of Style

Model Kate Moss' Seven Days of Style

If you somehow missed the slide show of Kate Moss at the top of my blog.... I am saying it now.... Kate is a favorite. Yes, she is generally regarded as a style icon and in liking her I am not alone. I often use her as a reference; I like how she pushes the envelope and shows us whats new or next, first. We are similar in our love for adding a bit of edge to any look and in our ability to mix high/low. I also feel her need to add a bit of dishabille to every look I inhabit - I am never comfortable carrying off the look of everything-in-its-place-perfection.
Besides the seven days of style link, I would urge you to check out the link below. It has a great Kate-thru-the years slideshow.


Shanghai'd and loving it.....

I am so in love with the Shanghai collection Karl did for Chanel. I die! Seriously, I die! The eastern nuances, the rock vibe, the sheerness and embroidery all so expertly crafted. The sumptuousness of layered cuffs and the leather appliqued pants. And the colors; dark and exotic. I want every piece. I know everyone was head-over-heels for his spring collection, but this collection, for me, is perfection.



Model Maker Meisel

My heart's twitterpated....
Meisel - LOVE
Mag Cover - Models ONLY - LOVE.......
Steven Meisel the modern day godfather of major models created an amazing cover for Italian Vogue.

******Article information below taken from Modelinia******

Though some magazines from the New Year have already made their way to model fans around the world, we have one last December issue to flip through, and the cover is kind of epic.

Vogue Italia brought together a few major names for their last magazine of 2009. Steven Meisel directed Lara Stone, Gisele Bündchen, Natalia Vodianova, Christy Turlington, and Kasia Struss to snap images for the cover. Meisel, no stranger to bridging high fashion with widespread trends, seems inspired by the Twitter-obsessed world. The cover’s TwitPic happy, encapsulating the generation’s fiendish consumption of social media. It’s also Kasia’s first cover of Vogue Italia!



.....My selection for best December magazine cover.
The dress has the perfect edgy Cinderella quality. The lighting is superb. And Lara as our Cinderella.......

British Vogue

Lara Stone wears white tulle corset dress, Dior Haute Couture. Corsages, around waist, from a selection, Basia Zarzycka. All make-up by Dior. Hair: Sam McKnight. Make-up: Val Garland. Fashion editor: Lucinda Chamber. Mario Testino; photography.