Kate Moss for Topshop: The Final Collection

Kate Moss for Topshop: The Final Collection
Get it while its still available - because this is Kate's last topshop collaboration.


Fashion: Wmagazine.com

Fashion: Wmagazine.com

I really loved this article; Anna's complete love and reverence for fashion mirrors my own. I have had an opinion about clothing and style since I was old enough to dress myself - much to my Mom's despair. Soaking my head in the sink before church so I didn't have to go with curly hair, changing after she dressed me..... what a patient Mom....

the article was escapism and we all need a bit of candy with our vegetables.

.....thank you to W for chronicling such an interesting individual.


the new site

Less clunky, more content and better images; plus the ability to actually buy right online. What's not to love about Christian Louboutin's new website?
Although, I must confess I miss the cooky little dragon flies and images of Christian's head floating about.

Face of Chanel


Visit style.com's latest video on Chanel's Haute Couture 'face'..... wondering what new product Karl and Peter are cooking up... hmmm

Peter Philips

The red lips at last week's Chanel show? According to the brand's global creative director of makeup, Peter Philips, they're a little bit couture and a little bit rock 'n' roll. In other words: Coco meets Courtney Love.*content from Style.Com



Accessories: Wmagazine.com

J'Adore Dior!!!!!!!!!
.......These fab pieces from Dior make me long for Winter before summer has bloomed. I love Summer but Fall is where the clothes are at!

Textured Message

Dior’s new accessories collection rises to the surface.

May 2010
It’s a material pileup. Buttery calfskin looks unabashedly luxe; breezy ostrich feathers play against structured beads; and, of course, there’s that thick, lush fox fur. There’s no question about it—Dior’s fall accessories are an ode to the mesmerizing effect of natural, albeit unexpected, textures. And with its quirky, moody mix, the lineup lends a rebel-chic vibe to the elegant house of Dior. French-to-the-bone Camille Miceli, the company’s newly appointed creative director of accessories, has a slightly more impudent take on the season: “We wanted to give another edge to the accessories by using hairy details,” she explains. “A libertine girl likes hairy!”


He Does It Again....

If I could afford it, everyday would be a Balmain Day!


Fall in Love - Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010

There was hardly a single look shown at Burberry's 2010 Fall show that I wasn't lusting over. Militant cool/ hardware and texture; Christopher's collection contains my fashion essentials..... great jacket, strong boot, terrific bag and messy hair. I want it all!!

Louis Vuitton F/W 2010

A lovely little docu-short on the fall 2010 LV collection by Style.com.....
Marc has never looked better;
very dapper and elegant....

The collection itself was a celebration of the woman. Although not my personal aesthetic the clothing was beautiful and will probably do well commercially, the bags however were divine. What I loved about the show was Marc's choice in models and the variety of ages present on the runway.


Keira Knightley Fashion - Get More Celebrity Fashion at ELLE.com

Keira Knightley Fashion - Get More Celebrity Fashion at ELLE.com

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Although I am not a fan of actresses on covers, Keira is an exception. She is so lovely, and could easily be a current model; her covers don't produce the cringe upon receiving I normally get. The fashion for this particular shoot is


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****** While this is primarily a fashion blog; the Wonderbar required a special note*******

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McQueen - a special tribute

I feel compelled to make special note of the recent award dresses worn by Anna Paquin. I have never taken much notice of her before, but this award season shes wow'ed me with her look at the Golden Globes. In Alexander McQueen, she was perfection. Then she goes and does it again at the SAG awards; in ANOTHER Alexander McQueen!
Bravo Girl! True fashion..... and it translates beautifully on the red carpet.
You're rockin' my style world.

Best of the SAG's 2010

My selection of the best dressed ladies at the 2010 SAG awards.
I thought the McQueen was a real departure for Ms. Bullock and she pulled it off beautifully. Kate was white HOT in Pucci; L_O_V_E the index finger ring. Meryl showed us that high fashion can be perfect at any age. Nicole might be my first choice for best dressed; there is such a relaxed elegance, you can tell she is completely comfortable and at ease. Talk about the ultimate goal at an event such as this, and in an Oscar no less! Anna's stealing my heart (twice now) in McQueen. This Glee girl actually looks better than the runway model, and the color is perfection on her, kudos! Kyra is divine in Vera Wang.


Tom Ford's: A Single Man

Tom Ford's A Single Man

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One of the most beautiful movies I've seen in some time. Infused with such a high dose of style that it could only come from someone of Tom's ilk. The characters are poignant and the story rich. A true work of art.


Balenciaga S/S 2010

Staged at Hôtel de Crillon, the 2010 S/S collection by Nicolas Ghesquière was amazing, and a real departure from every other collection shown for the season. And the SHOES, oh, the shoes..... like many recent collections I am obsessed with the shoes!!!

Check out the Video Clip on Style.com (loads of fun) : http://www.style.com/fashionshows/video/S2010RTW-BALENCIA