Paint it Black

For a fashion house known most recognizably for one hue and a certain aesthetic, the new design duo at Valentino is really starting to shake things up. The team, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli started coming into their own last season with their Fall Couture 2009 collection; I loved the nude adorned stiletto and lace masks.

Their Spring 2010 collection was a study in sheer on sheer, and once again I loved the shoes. I am very excited to see where these two continue to take Valentino; I for one am a new fan.


Hands Off! Their Mine.....

I think Christian was in my dreams last night and stole these.....

Christian Louboutin
Bridget - Black
Lace platform peep toe bootie with leopard pony heel cap, side zip and double adjustable ankle straps. 130mm pony hair heel. Signature red leather sole.

Also be sure and YouTube his new movie, made especially for the opening of his new L.A. store. I really enjoyed it...

The Must Save Site

You MUST visit this site for everything fashion:
It pulls designer products from all over the web and condenses them into one easy page. By look, by designer; create your own look. I was running a Givenchy search and the product pull was incredible. Pages of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and cosmetics, all by Givenchy. It's almost too easy. Try it yourself, visit their site now.


Jack Frost

Cold weather is NOT my favorite. But this new jacket by the North Face just might be. Complete with sleek shine and belted waist this coat will not only keep you toasty, but you'll look fab while wearing it. It comes in a couple of different colors but in my opinion black's the only option. Another plus is the reasonable price, $299!

David Bowie, here I come!

Lately I have really been feeling this look:
Gucci: silver sequins all over embroidered georgette v-neck long sleeve mini dress paired with an opaque black stocking and worn with black leather and patent thigh high boot.
Topped off with the necklace in 18kt ruthenium plated silver, white gold and black diamonds.
You could pair the tunic dress with a belt in alligator or throw on a little fur jacket. If I had a day uniform, this would be it.
I know Frida has been criticized as being a bit too commercial; that as a designer she doesn't push the envelope enough; however she consistently turns out looks I want to wear. And I love her for that.


For my Mom

From my parents I learned many things, but one trait in particular comes to mind. It is my love for the very best. Its in everything you do; this striving for and towards excellence. I was taught to always do everything to very best of my ability; my parents have always bought the very best quality they could afford; the workmanship that only a true craftsman can produce. My Mom is one of the most Elegant women I know. She has the innate ability to make anything look dressed up ~ classy. She is constantly trying to down play this due to her shy personality. Her look draws attention, and it doesn't hurt that she is so beautiful and thin. It is my hope that one day, potentially for my wedding, that I can take her shopping at Oscar de la Renta. She has always loved his designs. She has not worn a single dress since I was born, always pant suits, and almost consistently only black or white (trust me, growing up I thought this was crazy, but as I've gotten older I love this about her). But with the organza, sequin and pearl dress from the Oscar de la Renta Resort Collection I just might be able to sway her. She LOVES her some sparkle...

Rock Bunny

The Monogram Coquette Pochette by Louis Vuitton.

I love, love, love the hard/soft combination of this pochette. Everything about it makes me smile. It's fun, irreverant and girly/rock'n'roll; if there could be such a thing. Even the color name, 'Bunny Pink'. I think you had grow up and live in the Grunge era, like Marc did, to really get it.

The Fall collection at Louis Vuitton was one of my absolute favorites, I would wear almost every piece in the collection (sampling enclosed).



Daphne Guinness

Daphne is one of my style icons. For all that she wears, what makes her so particularly special to me is that above everything she is always kind. There is no snobbery or entitlement; and that type of attitude shows a level of class that supersedes all that she wears.

Top 10 by Style.Com

Style.com has listed their 10 top collections for Spring 2010. I hope you enjoy their reviews as much as I did. Oddly enough most of my personal favorites are on the list, something that does not always happen.


Hot Child in a Very Cold City

As many of you know I am not a cold weather fan, however in an ironic twist I typically like fall clothing the best. I love the layering and luxe richness of the fabrics; the coziness of cashmere, fur and silk. Perhaps my favorite thing in the winter is Fur. Jackets, boots, scarves and trim in this sensual and decadent fabric make even the frigid months of winter bearable. This particular jacket by Gucci is black hand woven and embroidered silver fox. I love the cut and light hand of this jacket. Please be a responsible buyer and confirm that your fur is Origin Assured.


Spring Things

I absolutely L-O-V-E accessories. And each new season (items are Resort 2010)
I cant wait for the new 'crop'. These are the start of what will surely become a long list....
Feather Necklace - Tory Burch, the Blue is AMAZING! Gladiators by Louis Vuitton (for those who didnt get the Chanel gladiator from resort 2007, I could never find my 35.5 size).
Bootie by Givenchy. Smoked Bracelet and layered necklace by Chanel. To be continued......


Even a sucker for heels needs a break....

For those of you who know me well, you know my passion for shoes, high heels in particular. Adorned, sleek, platform, or stilletto I am hooked. There are few things in life that can bring me the same amount joy of that a great designer shoe selection can. Something magical happens, the air seems better and world sparkles for a moment just like it did when you were a kid. And then the trying on begins.....

But on some days even an extreme heel lover like myself can use a day off. For those days I love a good flat tall boot or a great ballerina. The selection to the left is my current obsession.

Cranberry Patent Leather Ballerina by Christian Louboutin.
Studded, lace, zippers and patent - they just dont get any better.... until tomorrow when I can wear heels again.


Its in the Bag

The Galaxy top handle bag by Gucci for F/W09.
I've been a bit unimpressed and over "it" bags for a few seasons now. However, after spotting this on the Gucci F/W09 runway my handbag indifference turned into desire. There are many versions of this bag for fall but my personal fave is the dark blue shaded python with black patent trim. I love this bag.... for me it optimizes all that a bag should be. The color! The skin! The Rutheium Hardware! Functional and beautifully made, it has a tough/modern sensibility while retaining a bit of the classic; and in this economically challenged environment is something I would be proud to tote for years to come.
Bene! Bravo! Frida and crew..


Karl Lagerfeld at Spring 2010 Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld at Spring 2010 Fashion Week

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My first love....

The House of Cartier has always been my first choice when it comes to fine jewelery. My favorite collections are the Panthere de Cartier and the Inde Mysterieuse. When I was very little my sister and I used to play in my mom's jewelry box; in it there was a 1970's costume jewelry tiger ring.... which I still wear today. The Inde Mysterieuse ring shown to the left is on the top of my list. One day I will own it, because unlike first loves this love will last a lifetime.


Fendi - The Campaign

Fall 2009 Fendi chose Jessica Stam to represent the House. This is one of my favorite campaigns of the year. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld; the styling, mood, hair and fashion are so evocative in their imagery that everytime I see one of the pictures I am immediately sucked in. I just cant get enough!!!

Available at your local Hardware Store

I have been in love the Hermes line of Collier de Chien bracelets since their introduction. This updated version is spot on with the hardware trends for fall.
Pictured to the left: Hermes Paris Silver bracelet, 2.25" diameter.
The leather Collier de Chien in Alligator, classic Hermes orange, with gold or silver plating is an amazing alternative
Both are available on their website for purchase.

DVF Interview

Recently Diane Von Furstenberg was interview by Harpers Bazaar Magazine. During the interview Diane had such an interesting insight into the way women think that I felt compelled to share it....
"You see the woman across the room, you think, She's so poised; she's so together. But she looks at you and you are the woman across the room for her."
For more information about this incredibly astute and warm woman visit: